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Kids Choice Sports 2014


“I’m still sort of deciding what I want to do at this point.” ~Jordyn Wieber (on returning to gymnastics)

"She’s not in the gym anymore. She is searching for a new coach, I guess. We had an understanding, a tryout period. The new goal for the tryout period, try to prepare her to be in decent, good physical shape. When the period was over, she had to make a decision — either train here or train somewhere else. As I talked to her, I respect her opinion on her decision." ~Liang Chow (on Gabby Douglas leaving Chow’s Gymnastics)


Lauren Navarro

Caitlin Smith

Emily Muhlenhaupt

Alyona Shchennikova

Morgan Hurd

Bailey Ferrer

Emily Gaskins

Sydney Johnson-Schafpf

Grace Waguespack

Elena Arenas

Megan Skaggs

Marissa Oakley

Gabby Perea

Mackenzie Sedlaeck

Anastasia Webb

Norah Flatley

Adeline Kenlin

Victoria Nguyen

Alexis Vasquez

Hannah Joyner

Maggie Musselman

Vanasia Bradley

Delanie Harkness

Abby Paulson

Lexy Ramler

Olivia Trautman

Ariana Agrapides

Christiana Desiderio

Olivia Dunne

Jazmyn Foberg

Margzetta Frazier

Malie O’Keefe

Shania Adams

Aria Brusch

Nia Dennis

Molly Frack

Megan Freed

Taylor Lawson

Adriana Popp

Rachel Baumann

Kaitlin DeGuzman

Rachael Flam

Kailey Gillings

Bailie Key

Grace Quinn

Madison Rau

Ragan Smith

Deanne Soza

McKenna Appleton

Abigail Matthews

Jordan Chiles

Shilese Jones


MyKayla Skinner

Felicia Hano

Kyla Ross

Rachel Gowey

Madison Desch

Maggie Nichols

Brenna Dowell

Ashton Locklear

Emily Schild

Melissa Reinstadtler

Amelia Hundley

Lexie Priessman

Alyssa Baumann

Simone Biles

Peyton Ernst

Veronica Hults

Madison Kocian

Samantha Ogden

Macy Toronjo


"I don’t know.  I’m just gonna play it by ear.  If I compete, great.  If I have to compete next year, that’s awesome too." ~Gabby Douglas (on when she will compete)


"I’d have to say the hardest part for me is just the conditioning.  It’s really kind of hard just getting back into shape and doing moves I haven’t done in a very long time." ~Gabby Douglas (on her comeback)


 “I have always had hopes to make the Olympics. As for now, I am taking one day at a time to stay healthy and train for Championships and 2014 Worlds.” ~Peyton Ernst (on goals)


“As of right now I have been doing some upgrades on bars. I haven’t been able to upgrade on the other events because of a slight injury that is getting better.” ~Peyton Ernst


"Competing internationally is always a great experience. I get another opportunity to put myself in a pressure situation, and as I get geared up for the P&G Championships, the more prepared I am for the pressure situations, the better. Plus it’s nice to be in such a refined state with all my routines this early going into P&Gs." ~Sam Mikulak


"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help Lexie reach her goals.  Lexie is still committed to giving 100% to her elite gymnastics career and her national team responsibilities.  She will be attending national team camp (June 29-July 3). Lexie is extremely grateful to everyone who has help her get where she is in her gymnastics and to everyone who has been showing her unconditional support." ~Enrique Trabanino (on Lexie Preissman)

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Lexie Priessman has announced she is leaving CGA but there is no word on which gym she will move to.


“Another name, which probably nobody has this name in their mind, is MyKayla Skinner. She is one of the gymnasts who came to our camps for several years but never was strong enough to be considered, but at this time her skill level is very high, and she improved her execution, which is also very important, her presentation and execution. That improved a lot. She has an excellent shot to be important at this World Championship.” ~Martha Karolyi (on Mykayla Skinner)


"Kyla Ross has always [been] a great role model of very consistent work, and she is doing great, and she is an absolutely beautiful gymnast. I’m very much basing on her contribution to the World team." ~Martha Karolyi (on Kyla Ross)


“I really don’t know anything about Jordyn. I don’t know absolutely anything about her training.” ~Martha Karolyi (on Jordyn Wieber)


“She is working hard and getting also back her skills. She definitely has aspirations to come back. She even wanted me to listen to some music for her new floor routine. I’m hoping that definitely next year it will be happening.” ~Martha Karolyi (on Aly Raisman)